Sony Ericsson explores its Dark Side

Are you afraid of your mobile phone?

In an attempt to scare the SIM card out of your handset, Sony Ericsson has launched a site designed to create tailored 'horrifying' virals to send out to your friends.

On the site, at, users can watch videos of hapless people entering the Darkside pod (which looks a bit like a shed covered in bashed up foil) and can laugh themselves rigid at people screaming.

Séance gone wrong

They can also enter their own details to create a viral of a faux news programme, which had details of how they were involved in a séance gone wrong.

Part of the news show has your location displayed on Google Maps, designed to add that air of authenticity, making your friends think it really happened. Or not, if you have normal cynically-minded friends.

SE has also made the videos available on YouTube, as well as creating a Facebook application that lets you create said viral to send to your friends.

We were hoping to see the W595 dripping in blood or something equally gory, but apparently this site is just a little too family friendly it seems... BOO! Did we scare you?


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