Sony Ericsson: Bravia phones soon?

Calls on parent company for help

In a bid to halt the decline of the Sony Ericsson (SE) brand worldwide, the company has decided it wants to get parent company Sony more involved by calling in the Bravia brand name.

The disparity between the phone manufacturer and the parent company's success is obvious, and the President of Sony Ericsson India, Arun Sethi, has said a Bravia phone for this region could be coming soon.

"In Japan, we have already integrated the Bravia brand in the handset business and with time we will do that in India too," said Sethi.

Brand success

SE has already leveraged the Walkman and Cybershot brands in recent handsets, and has enjoyed relative success, especially in Europe.

Within India's rapidly expanding economy, the Bravia brand is well known and viewed positively so it's likely to thrive in a market with millions of new users.

That said, it is rumoured that Sony believes it has made a mistake by letting such valuable brand names go to SE. This is backed up by the increasing likelihood that a PSP phone, made exclusively by Sony, is in the works.


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