Nokia N85 finally rears its head

We were bored of waiting for the Tube anyway...

It may look like the smaller version of the N96, but the Nokia N85 has finally made its way through FCC approval in the US.

What's so exciting about it, I hear you cry? Well, it's the first to feature a WCDMA radio, which means it can work with pretty much all 3G networks in the world.

And for those emerging nations without a decent 3G network as yet? Nokia is likely to release a diluted version of the handset with no high speed coverage.

Force India

This will probably be designed for places like India and China, which are lapping up mobile phones at a frightening pace, but have sketchy networks in place.

The phone is fairly close in specs to the N96 too, including a 5MP camera, aGPS, WiFi, an FM transmitter and dual slide function.

No word on a release yet, but then Nokia love to keep it under their Finnish hats until the last minute anyway.



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