Nokia 'investigates' Comes with Music crack

Finns aren't happy at the thought of losing all that money

Nokia have responded to the rumours that the DRM for its Comes with Music service can be circumvented by a cheap piece of software.

It might be a bit of a wishy washy statement, and one that is confusing as the TuneBite software has been proven to work, but Nokia still thinks it can protect its products.

Illegal misuse

"All Nokia CWM tracks are in high-quality WMA format protected with WM-DRM to prevent the illegal misuse of tracks," a spokesman told TechRadar.

"Any rumours of removing the DRM from Comes with Music have not been confirmed, and will be fully investigated."

However, it is quite possible that the creation of a new file, one that merely replicates the original DRM-ed file but doesn't tamper with it, could be legal. Techradar will keep on digging and come back with the answers... in the meantime, have you read our review by a unicorn named Winston?



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