Nokia demands high-res OLED screens

Wants cutting edge tech in future handsets

Nokia has told its screen suppliers it wants them to be active matrix (AM) OLED-ready for future handsets.

Both AU Optronics (AUO) and TPO Display, which currently supply the Finns, have been asked to make sure they can supply the high-performance AMOLEDs.

AUO was a forerunner in the production of AMOLED displays two years ago, but was forced to close the line due to high material costs and low demand.

Dormant plant

However, the equipment has largely lain dormant, and the president has said this can be reorganised at any time.

According to Digitimes, AUO will be offering OLED products by the end of the year, so should more than satisfy Nokia's demands.

TPO has also been beavering away to develop AMOLED screens, and also expects to be ready to meet the call from Nokia, though it would need to install additional equipment in the factory.

Nokia has incorporated OLED screens in a few basic models before, but this will be the first time it has used AMOLED technology.



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