LG's KP500: first cheap touchscreen phone

Korean firm wants the world to touch its devices

LG has released a new handset, the KP500, which is designed to help bring touchscreen phones to the masses.

Essentially a watered-down version of the recently unveiled KP910 8MP cameraphone, the phone will have an "affordable introduction price never offered before," though we're yet to find out exactly what this will be.

So, for your (relatively small) dollar, you'll be getting a 3in touchscreen, an auto-rotating screen courtesy of an accelerometer, and quad-band connectivity.

Slow 'net

This means no 3G downloading, so browsing the internet on this thing might be a little slow, but hey, it worked for Apple!

You'll be getting a 5MP camera in the little metal bundle too, so despite the reduced connectivity it's still a fairly reasonable handset.

Coming in October, it'll be coming in four fun colours, Anodizing silver, Elegant gold, Vandyke brown and Dark As The Heart Of Evil black (we renamed the last one as it was boring to just say black.)


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