Is this Sony Ericsson's secret new phone?

Reports of the new Rika begin to surface

Pictures of a new Sony Ericsson Walkman phone have appeared, and it shows a slider phone in the same vein as the super-slim W880i.

Those chaps over at the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog have uncovered the pic, and we're sorry to say there's very little we can report in terms of specs.

Assumption, assumption

We can assume GPS and an accelerometer, in the same vein as most of the other phones in the Walkman range, as well as some expanded storage.

We're seeing a front facing camera, so that means 3.5G connectivity is pretty likely too. And given the level of camera packed into the Walkman range, 3.2MP would make sense.

Actually, we've done pretty well here to get that many specs out of conjecture. Expect this to be released later this year, in time for the Christmas rush.


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