Apple is sued over defective iPhones

Poor 3G coverage and a cracked case... bad Apple...

Apple might have conquered the globe with the item everyone is clamouring to get their hands on, but a New Yorker has decided that he's had enough of the build quality on his handset and is taking Jobs' lot to court.

Avi Koschitzki is apparently fed up with the poor 3G coverage that means the phone isn't consistently twice as fast as its predecessor, meaning Apple's claims are bogus.

He, like many other people on internet forums and the like, has also complained of cracks appearing on the housing of the phone.

Water un-tight

While cosmetically ugly, this could also mean the phone will allow moisture in, wreaking havoc with the delicate inner workings. Best not use it to do the washing up then.

"Although Apple was and is aware that the handsets were and are defective, and that consumers have experienced repeated instances of cracked housings, Apple has nevertheless allowed the defectively designed iPhones to be sold to the public," the complaint from Koschitzki says.

And there were we thinking the world loved Apple and all its products...



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