Android apps will soon work on your Chromebook

The Android L release aims to make everything friendlier

We didn't get a new Chromebook, but the ones currently on the market will receive a whole new feature set.

During Google IO, the search giant showed how Chromebooks and Android mobile devices will be more intimately tied. The features had undertones of Apple's Continuity, though weren't as comprehensive.

One such way the form factor are meeting in the middle is that some Android apps will run on Chromebooks. Google demonstrated how apps like Evernote and Vine will make the jump an Android phone to a Chrome OS laptop.

In short, some beloved Android mobile apps will work much the same way on Chromebooks.

There's more

Chromebooks and phones will also better communicate with one another.

For example, text messages you receive on your phone will appear on the laptop screen. Even low phone battery alerts will pop up on the Chromebook screen.

Finally, Chromebooks will unlock when it senses a users phone is nearby. Pretty nifty.

More to follow ...



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