YouTube rental store hits the US

It's got 99c problems but the hits aint one

YouTube dips toes into the online rental market

YouTube's movie rental store has opened in the US following a trial in January – but with pricing still high, it may be some time before it becomes a mainstream rival to the likes of iTunes and Amazon.

Despite a trial of rentable Sundance film festival titles bringing in an estimated $11,000, the rental store is now available in the States, offering films like Reservoir Dogs and Bass Ackwards for rental.

However, with rental prices starting at a dollar and moving up to $4 for newer films, the service is already coming under fire.

Watching window

Rental periods are from 24 hours to 72, and there is a nice line in Bollywood and Manga television titles which may draw in a different crowd.

But when you can buy content for around the same price as the current rental fee, this isn't yet a store that UK consumers need to feel too jealous of.

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