HP announces Firebird Voodoo gaming PC

CES 2009: Just as pretty but is it still cutting edge?

Hewlett Packard has unveiled the successor to its drool-worthy HP Blackbird 002 gaming PC with the Voodoo DNA branded HP Firebird.

The Blackbird 002 quickly became one of the most desired gaming PCs on the planet – not least because of its stunning case design.

And HP has kept the chassis the same, but insists that the Firebird is a more balanced machine than its predecessor.


"Instead of filling a chassis with expensive, energy-intensive components that are rarely fully utilised, HP considered all of the features customers demand – from performance to quiet acoustics to energy efficiency – and designed the HP Firebird to provide optimal levels of each," says HP's press release.

We're hoping that doesn't mean its been compromised for the core-gamer market.

An Intel Core 2 Quad processor, dual SLI Nvidia GeForce 9800s GFX Cards and hot-swappable 320GB hard drives are all kept cool by the liquid thermal management system and an external power supply that apparently keeps the roar down.

Expect a more comprehensive list of specs soon, but will the Firebird truly take on the mantle of the Blackbird 002? Only time will tell.


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