Sony says PS3 Eye Toy is better than Wiimote

Shock, horror! Sony criticises Nintendo!

The PlayStation's Eye Toy has more potential for motion-sensor gaming than Nintendo's Wii Remote. That's according to Sony game director Kazuhito Miyaki, who made the statements in an interview with our sister site CVG yesterday.

"All of the different Eye Toy games that we've made so far and the wide range [of gameplay] that we have delivered shows that the camera isn't the key device, it's what we do with it that's important," he said.

When CVG asked how this compared to the motion tracking opportunities offered by the Wii Remote, he went on to say: "In Eye of Judgement it's all about summoning the creatures. With other games it'll be about creating a whole different dynamic so, in a way, you could say there is much more potential and ability in our technology."

But then he would say that wouldn't he? Read the full story over at CVG.


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