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Ladies and gents, welcome to the next generation.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are both out in the wild and we're slap bang in the middle of the most exciting period in the history of gaming.

Big budget consoles have never gone on sale at exactly the same time before, so it's going to be fascinating to follow the story over the next few years.

For the time being, take a recap over our coverage from the last two weeks of exciting gaming launches!

Xbox One and PS4: the verdict

Xbox One and PS4 two boring black boxes with a lot of promise

Two amazing console, no reasons to buy either of them

How is it possible for two competing products to be so similar and yet so different? Both the PS4 and Xbox One run the same AMD CPU and very similar graphics hardware. They've both moved over to x86, they both rock the same half-matte, half-gloss finish. Neither are good looking, though the Xbox One is particularly ugly. They both run FIFA 14 and Call of Doody, both respond to voice commands and they even smell similarly musky out of the box. And yet, they're so different it's almost unreal. So should you go out and buy one, and if so, which one should you go for? Continue reading...

5 reasons to buy an Xbox One today (and 5 reasons to wait a bit)

5 reasons you should buy an Xbox One today and 5 reasons to wait a while

Being an early adopter is a joy and a pain

Eight years after the launch of the Xbox 360, the next-genXbox One is finally here, promising more power, superior multimedia mastery and games that will blow your mind with levels of unprecedented detail. Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3 are astonishing. And there's the prospect of Titanfall, Watch Dogs and Halo 5 in the future. But should you buy an Xbox One now? Or should you wait? There are good reasons to support both options. Continue reading...

5 reasons to buy a PlayStation 4 today (and 5 reasons to wait a bit)

5 Reasons to buy a PS4 today and 5 reasons to wait a while

Should you p-p-pick up a PlayStation?

With the PlayStation 4, Sony hopes to correct some of the mistakes that it made with the PS3. The new console features a tried and tested 64-bit x86 architecture, making it easier to develop for, and Sony has trimmed its machine of media frills to concentrate on delivering a pure gaming experience. Best of all, perhaps, the PS4 is cheaper than the rival Xbox One. Should you buy one now? Or bide your time? Continue reading...

Xbox One: Best bundles, deals and where to buy one for Christmas

Xbox One Best bundles deals and where to buy one before Christmas

If you want an Xbox One, don't delay!

With launch day behind us, you can now order an Xbox One and stand a good chance of getting it before Christmas (or in some cases, before the end of the year). These Christmas delivery dates mark the arrival of the second wave of stock from Microsoft, but the challenge is getting one without paying over the odds for a console that's often part of a higher-priced bundle. Read: Best Xbox One deals and bundles

PS4: Best bundles, deals and where to buy one for Christmas

PS4 Best bundles deals and where to buy one before Christmas

Who's got the best bundles and deals?

Post-launch, some UK retailers are still offering to sell you a PS4 in time for Christmas, although it will typically be part of a more expensive console plus games or console plus accessories bundle. These bundles represent the last remnants of the launch stock and some sellers are cashing in on the PS4's limited availability. Read: Best PS4 deals and bundles

Xbox One: The launch games you need to play right now

Forza 5

Unmissable games for new Xbox gamers

So you've managed to bag yourself an Xbox One. Good work. But there's only so much fun you can have seeing if Kinect recognises rude words, so what are you actually going to play on the console? The One's launch lineup is pretty beefy, but once you've cut through it, which games are the essential ones? We've narrowed down the list of big names to help you on your quest, rounding up the verdicts from some of our Future pals. You're most welcome. Continue reading...