Sony delivers lighter PS2 and Deep Red PSP

PS2 power adapter disappears and PSP gets festive outfit

Just in time for Christmas we have two new additions to the PlayStation line-up - a glowing red PSP and the redesigned PS2 we've been expecting for some months.

The new Deep Red PSP will go on sale in Japan on 13 December for ¥22,800 (£95) for the Value Pack, which includes a case, strap and 32MB Memory Stick Duo, or ¥29,800 (£125) for the 1-Seg Pack that throws in a 1GB Memory Stick and a tuner for terrestrial digital TV.

Adapter assimilated

The slimline PS2 arrives on 22 November for ¥16,000 (£67) and is significant only for the fact that Sony has stowed the AC adapter inside the case. Otherwise, the weight is slightly down at 720g and three colours are available - black, white and silver.

Although it's not as cheap as we had been led to believe, the venerable old console really is a bargain at the current price, so let's hope Sony can keep it low for the anticipated UK launch of the new version in January.