Welcome to techradar's PC Gaming Week 2016

A whole new week of deep diving PC gaming coverage

It's finally that time of year again: time to honor the long overdue resurgence of the ultimate gaming platform – the PC. Since last year's inaugural PC Gaming Week, the desktop (and/or laptop) has all but skyrocketed to become the foremost place to play games.

From high-end virtual reality making its home first on the PC to the latest consoles looking more like their ancestors every day, we're in the midst of a PC gaming renaissance. A revolution, if you will.

Almost all of us editors here at techradar are PC gamers at heart, so it's high time again we explore what's new in the realm of PC gaming with a magnifying glass – more like a rifle scope. (Shooters will always be better with a mouse and keyboard, after all.)

Join us all week (May 8 through May 14) for features, reviews and how-to guides that put a fine-toothed comb to PC gaming. You'll see explorations of eSports from several angles, interviews with leaders in the PC space, reviews of the latest hardware and ideas for how to take your PC gaming setup to the next level – just to name a few.

Finally, you'll even get a chance to game with some techradar editors (details coming soon)! Strap in, because it's gonna' be a wild ride.


pc gaming week


pc gaming week