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Sort your photos and videos in date order with Google's Picasa

Picasa is a free download by Google for easy image editing. It automatically arranges all the pictures and videos on your hard drive by the times they were created.

Picasa lets you organise and edit images easily thanks to a number of useful functions included with the program. For example, as soon as you connect a digital camera to your PC, Picasa takes care of the new photos. You can send photos via email, print or export, order prints directly from the software, burn photo CDs or save pictures on the web.

It features a search bar that displays results as you type, reducing the time it takes to find the photos you want to edit or organise. If you can't remember the file name, Picasa has an experimental search function that allows you to find a photo based on its most prominent colours, so as long as you know what the photo is of you have a good chance of finding it.

Picasa also uses facial recognition and photo tagging technologies to help you sort photos and ensure they're easy to find in the future.

When it comes to editing, red eye reduction, cropping, colour enhancement and other basic photo editing functions can be performed in Picasa, which makes image editing a breeze for anyone new to photo manipulation.

There are more advanced features, too. You can edit RAW files and save them as JPGs (among other file types) without altering the original RAW file. The Face Movie function takes pictures that feature similar facial expressions and merges them into a slideshow, resulting in an almost timelapse-like effect where everything changes around the subject's face.

Picasa is designed to work well with Google+, so you can share your creations with friends and colleagues on Google's social network.

Verdict: A useful free photo editor that moves beyond a simple imaging suite, Picasa has some excellent features that will help you manipulate and organise your photos.

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