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About the mag

Official Xbox Magazine – Australia is ANZ's leading source on everything Xbox. While the 'official' tag means we get the best stuff from Microsoft first, at OXM we call it as we see it, and our readers love us for our honest and informed opinions. 

With a team of industry veterans based around the globe, OXM not only has its finger on the pulse of gaming but is at its very heart. We secure the latest reviews and interview the talent behind the games that we love. Our in-depth features cover the latest and greatest, and compliment our celebration of Microsoft’s rich gaming heritage across three (and a half!) generations of Xbox consoles.

And we go well beyond just games. The Xbox One is a permanently-connected home entertainment hub, and OXM features the latest movie and TV releases and internet-enabled entertainment services. Our regular tech section also explores essential accessories for the next-gen console. 

Whether you consider yourself to be hardcore gamer or are just dabbling in your very first game of Minecraft, OXM is here to inspire and show your what’s possible on your favourite console.