Jeep teases its first global battery electric vehicle in the Wagoneer S

Jeep Wagoneer S
(Image credit: Jeep/Stellantis)

Jeep has announced that its first US-bound battery electric model will launch in the fall of this year, with sales of the Wagoneer S starting in the North America, with "key markets" around the world subsequently following.

The company, which is part of the wider Stellantis group, already offers an EV in the form of the Avenger, but this is currently only sold in Europe. In contrast, the Wagoneer S is promised to be the first truly global battery electric offering from the iconic off-road badge.

Specification details are scarce (this is a teaser, after all), but we do know that the Wagoneer S will come packing true all-wheel-drive capabilities, labelled 4Xe here, which suggests it will feature twin electric motors - one powering each axle.

This naturally imbues the Wagoneer S with a 'lively' personality, with Jeep suggesting its currently unspecified electric propulsion system is capable of producing around 600bhp, which allows the big SUV to sprint from 0-60mph in around 3.5-seconds. That’s enough to put many supercars to shame.

Seeing as the company has built a fearsome reputation for being able to handle some seriously challenging terrain, Jeep also says the Wagoneer S will offer "all-terrain management, advanced Jeep brand-focused technology and impressive performance credentials."

So far, we have only seen the single teaser image (above), which shows off a new illuminated grille and surprisingly menacing front end. Its maker states that the exterior design is "driven by aerodynamic efficiency", although that huge nose begs to differ, while the "sleek exterior design is uniquely marked by a reimagined LED-lit class-exclusive seven-slot Jeep brand grille."

As with almost all of the major manufacturers, Jeep and parent company Stellantis have committed to becoming a carbon net zero corporation by 2038 and the Wagnoeer S will likely be just the start of an EV onslaught from the group.

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