Nokia E61 review

A smartphone that crams everything in bar the kitchen sink

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Our Verdict

A useful business tool with all the features you could need


  • Packed with features

    Well priced

    Simple navigation


  • No camera

Cramming in everything bar the kitchen sink is what the E61 is about, with a feature list that includes everything a smartphone should offer.

It's got quad-band GSM; 3G support; 802.11b/g; a 39-key QWERTY keyboard for easy data entry; and additional software offering standard features such as synchronisation with email clients, topped off with VoIP functionality via SIP.

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Making use of the Symbian S60 operating system and its mature web applications, Nokia is competing with Blackberry. The personal organiser is as intuitive as Outlook on a desktop PC.

In addition to the keyboard, navigation is done with a small joystick that allows one-handed operation, handy considering the E61's large dimensions and the number of menus there are. It also makes using the web browser a lot easier, moving a pointer to click on links and move the focus of the preview window.

Although the E61 lacks a camera, the astonishingly low price makes up for it. Couple the value with an extensive feature list and you have an indispensable business tool.