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ARCTIC K381 Keyboard review

Mac-a-like keyboard for chump change

Our Verdict

A no-frills keyboard that provides style and good function but don't expect much else


  • Modern chiclet design
  • Slim-line and light
  • Low-price


  • Average at-best built quality

The first keyboard produced by ARCTIC, the K381, manages to impress with its minimalist design and its mimicking of the made-famous-by-Apple chiclet key design.

At just over ten pounds it's also going to be hard to criticise on a cost basis.

No matter how you look at it the ARCTIC K381 keyboard has a lot going for it. If you're looking to add a keyboard to a new low-cost system, replace an existing broken keyboard or you just want a spare one hanging around it seems ideal.

With 111 keys - we counted them - and a full numeric keypad all contained in a slimline, lightweight and compact design it has everything you could possibly want in a budget keyboard.

If you're not already considering it then let's take a closer look at how well it performs and the build quality.