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OcUK Value L2442WD-VA review

Worth forking out your hard-earned pennies?

OcUK Value L2442WD-VA
A lightweight and sleek design sadly don't deter from this monitor's poor image quality

Our Verdict

Decent pictures, but there are some caveats


  • Decent response time
  • Bright pictures
  • Full HD


  • Steep price
  • Dull HD performance

Just over 200 of Queen Lizzie's sterling pecuniary portions for a luxurious 24-inch LCD panel? And one replete with the full 1,920x1,200 pixel count.

The OcUK Value L2442WD-VA even sports a PVA LCD panel and a DVI input and hence a pin-sharp digital imagery.

But luxurious it most certainly isn't. The chassis is hewn from such wafer-thin plastics as to make the entire unit very light. If you plan on dragging it to LAN parties regularly, it's a bonus. But it doesn't inspire confidence.

By normal PVA standards, the panel is watery and a little dull. Likewise, so-so contrast makes watching HD movies sub par. But the PVA tech does deliver one clear advantage: exceptionally stable viewing angles. It's bright and has decent – if not exactly spectacular – pixel response, too.