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NEC 24WMGX3 review

This gaming monitor is 24" of lightning-quick pixels

A funky look and lag reduction make this ideal for the hardcore

Our Verdict

If you need your input lag reduced in gaming, this is the monitor for you. Other users may find wiser choices for their money


  • Lag reduction for serious gamers
  • Two HDMI ports


  • Overall image quality lacks
  • Not cheap

We like the NEC's gaming-centric 24-incher. It packs subtle tones and decent colour accuracy. It also sports solid viewing angles, snappy pixel response and plenty of input options, including two HDMI ports.

Of course, that's what you would expect, but NEC has also gone the extra mile by adding features such as the 'Through Mode', which disables the image processing circuitry in a quest for minimal input lag and an IR unit for remotely switching inputs and adjusting image quality.

Both are nice touches. A firm thumbs up also goes to the 24WMGX3's funky threads.

However, there's no getting away from the fact that HP's superficially plane Jane LP2475W is superior in most image quality metrics and is cheaper too.

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