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Acer P5260i review

A projector designed for the business sector

Acer P5260i
The P5260i makes no attempt to hide is corporate heritage with its solid design and extensive connections

Our Verdict

This projector has some great features for the office or the home cinema alike


  • Wi-Fi
  • Connections
  • Bright bulb


  • Can be noisy
  • Big

Acer produces a range of projectors for business use. The P5260i is very much in keeping with this theme, offering an amazingly bright 2700 ANSI lumens bulb that makes the most of its DLP processor.

We found the brightness to be remarkable, offering sharp colours that looked great for presentations and more so when running video. While bright enough for even the largest meeting room, in more limited space you'd be advised to switch to Eco mode, which is still an impressive 2160 ANSI lumens. We found this more than bright enough for most situations.

Like the Epson EB-X6, this is a big and boxy projector that weighs in at 2.9kg. However, while the Epson looks good in an office or living space, Acer has used a conservative, business-like look.

This business angle is also carried through to the back of the projector where you will find an extensive array of ports and connections. Whether you're using a digital source via DVI or HDMI, or an older analogue signal, this machine has it covered.

Wireless projector gateway

There are even wireless LAN and fixed Ethernet options, so ceiling mounting this projector and using it from a fixed point is certainly an option. The menu buttons on the top of the unit are also easy to understand and there is even a handy Help button should you get into difficulties.

Setting up the wireless LAN, or Wireless Projector Gateway as Acer refers to it, is straightforward and you can use the Wi-Fi built into your projector or, alternatively, the Plug & Show adapter that is included.

If there is one fault here, it is the noise created by the overly bright lamp. This can be rectified by dropping it down into Eco mode, which drops the noise rating down to 25dB, which is pretty quiet.

The Acer P5260i is a data projector that very much covers all the bases and does it remarkably well. The unit itself may be a little too big and bulky to carry around on a regular basis, but there is no denying the versatility of this machine.