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This Half-Life 2 drone mod is scarily realistic

Half-Life 2 drone
Half-Life 2 drone.

It's been a long, long wait for Half-Life 3 - a wait that might never end - but in the meantime fans of the series are busy making the game's technology a reality. Take a look at this amazingly realistic City Scanner drone mod from Russian Valentin Demchenko.

Apparently made from scratch using carbon fibre and polystyrene, the drone is 80cm (31 inches) long and 55cm (22 inches) tall. It can stay in the air for a maximum of 11 minutes and you really do get the impression it's watching you. You can see some of the manufacturing involved in a separate video here.

For those who haven't set foot in the Half-Life universe, these City Scanners were designed for all kinds of surveillance operations and helped to keep citizens in line. If our government ever gets more oppressive, it's reassuring to know the technology is now available to build something like this.

We're seeing more and more drone mods like this and they're improving in quality all the time - take this Millennium Falcon drone mod from last year, which looks almost good enough to feature as a prop in the next Star Wars movie.

Via Motherboard