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Newsgathering drones will soon take to US skies

Watch out, you're being reported on!

The US Federal Aviation Administration has gone back and forth on its stance regarding commercial drone use, but at least one corporate entity has successfully brokered a deal with the FAA.

Global news network CNN announced today that it's entered a "cooperative research and development agreement" with the administration "to advance efforts to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into newsgathering and reporting."

In other words, CNN can use drones and you can't! Neener neener neener!

CNN will leverage its partnership with the Georgia Tech Research Institute to figure out how best to use its new License To Drone, and the FAA will use their findings to make up more rules going forward.

So the next time you see a drone flying overhead, wave "hello" to your parents, because you might be on CNN.

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Via The Verge