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Marantz releases Blu-ray player for the minted

You can look, but better ask the bank manager before you buy
You can look, but better ask the bank manager before you buy

High-end AV manufacturer Marantz has announced the arrival of its latest Blu-ray player, the hideously expensive UD9004.

While the press release insists that the Profile 2.0 player will offer professional broadcast quality playback, we can't help but shudder at its £5,500 price tag.

To be fair, it's mostly jealousy. If you have got money to burn, then the UD9004 is a machine of exceptional quality.

Inside is 10-bit processing, pixel by pixel conversion, detail enhancement and noise reduction be standard.

SACD playback

Also, the UD9004 runs discs at 1080/24p picture and uses something called AV Pure Direct mode which completely cuts out signal noise.

If we were to pay £5,500 out for a Blu-ray playet, we would hope it can do the cooking as well. Alas, that is one thing the Marantz can't do but its will moonlight as a reference standard SACD player if you so wish.

Audio-wise, it handles multi-channel LPCM and has the boast of weighing 19.2Kg. Blimey!

The Marantz UD9004 will be available from all good super high-end retailers from August.