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This Samsung Blu-ray player is the cheapest standalone 4K disc player today

Updated: Aaaand just like that, it's gone, but if you're still in the more for some Ultra HD Blu-ray goodness then you can now find the player for around the same price from resellers on Amazon

Original article below...

In an age where both Netflix and Amazon Prime are pushing their 4K streaming efforts, you can sometimes forget that the fledgeling Ultra HD Blu-ray format is quietly emerging onto the scene. 

While it doesn't match the convenience of streaming, Ultra HD Blu-ray is the best no compromises way of getting 4K content, since it suffers from none of the bandwidth limitations of streaming. 

Samsung's UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player is currently discounted by £180 to £249 on, making it the cheapest standalone Ultra HD Blu-ray player available for Black Friday

We say cheapest standalone because the Xbox One S has been seen for £219 at Zavvi, but there are reasons you might want to opt for a dedicated player over a console, such as the addition of a second HDMI port for sending audio to a soundbar for example.

So if you want to get no-compromises 4K HDR, then this deal, might just be the best way to do so.