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There's a case for your AirPods case to make it waterproof

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Apple AirPods aren't waterproof and the case isn't either so you shouldn't be using them in a swimming pool, but if you want to give your headphones more protection you can use this new durable case.

The Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods is a way to make your true wireless Apple headphones far more durable than Apple made them.

It's now being sold directly by Apple in the US for $29.95. You can't currently buy the case from Apple in the UK but Amazon is selling it for £24.99 and you can get it for AU$56.89 in Australia.

Although IP67 waterproofing for your AirPods while they're packed away is the unique selling point, the case is also said to be drop proof because of its soft durable silicone design.

Durability first

You won't lose the quick snap or long battery life of the original AirPods case though as it just sits within the durable material.

Catalyst is marketing this as an option for adventurers and those who are often outside, but we'd argue Apple AirPods - which are prone to falling out of our ears when exercising - probably aren't the best headphones for that type of person.

That said, if you like the functionality of Apple AirPods and you want to ensure everything inside is protected this could be a good choice for a new accessory.

It goes without saying, but just remember this case isn't going to make the headphones themselves any more waterproof than they already are. Apple AirPods are splash proof making them suitable for sweat or rain, but these aren't going to survive being submerged outside of the Catalyst-made case.

You can buy the case in black, white or a color that's just referred to as glow-in-the-dark. Each also comes with a clasp that you can hook onto your bag or belt.

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