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The best phone recycling and repair services need your votes

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The Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017 (opens in new tab) celebrate the best of the phone industry, from top-notch handsets, wearables and networks to outstanding services, stores and experiences.

What makes the awards special is the fact the winners are voted for by you, the general public. It’s your chance to highlight the best of the best in the mobile biz, and we need your votes so we can crown the winners on October 5, 2017 at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London.

After a hard-fought battle in the longlists stage, we have – thanks to your votes - narrowed down our award categories to our exclusive shortlists for your continued voting pleasure.

Vote & Win!

Everyone who votes will be in with a chance of winning* one of three top tech bundles!

The prize bundles include a variety of tech goodies with a Huawei P10, OnePlus 5, Honor 9 and new Nokia 3310 - plus headphones, speakers and more - up for grabs.

Vote for your Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017 winners (opens in new tab)

And don’t forget, by having your say in Mobile Choice Consumer Awards vote you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a selection of tech goodies* with the likes of the OnePlus 5, Honor 9, Huawei P10 and Nokia 3310 all up for grabs.

Phone repair and recycling are important services when you have an issue with your device or you're planning to upgrade. We have awards for both phone repair and recycling at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017 and below you can help us decide a winner for each.

Best Recycling Service

Recycling your old smartphone used to be a complicated process, but thanks to a plethora of services you're able to get rid of your phone in an environmentally friendly manner and also make some extra money on the side as well. Head over to our survey and have your say today (opens in new tab) on who wins Best Recycling Service.

Best Repair Service

Anyone who has ever broken their smartphone will know the candidates up for Best Repair Service at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017. These companies below help out huge people with smashed displays, dented device edges and even just bricked phones. The six below have made it this far, but we need you to have the final say (opens in new tab) on who wins.

You can see who's made it to the shortlist in all our award categories over on the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards website (opens in new tab).

Voting ends on September 10, 2017 - so make sure you've had your say before it's too late.

* You need to be a UK resident with a UK postal address to qualify for the prize draw. Each prize bundle will include at least one smartphone.

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