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YouView now being sued over name

YouView now being sued over name
Sue sue sue, that's all we ever hear about these days

The knocks just keep on coming for Lord Sugar's internet TV service YouView, which is now being sued for having a name that is too similar to an existing trademark.

The challenge comes from Total Ltd, a company that owns the trademark on Your View on a fairly similar product.

Earlier this month the High Court ruled against YouView in its appeal over the trademark, spurring Total on to full on sue the company.

Money talks

Total wants YouView to change its name, which could be disastrous for the brand having pumped who knows how much money into marketing around its launch.

That's after it took its sweet time launching in the first place, beset by staffing changes and technological setbacks.

It's not clear if Total would accept YouView simply paying to license the name from it, or if it will be loathe to rest until Sugar and co come up with a suitable new sobriquet.

For YouView's part, it issued a statement after losing the appeal saying that it has "no intention of changing its name" and when we spoke to the company today, its spokesperson reiterated that position - but if Total's suit is successful, it may not have a choice.

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