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The BBC must serve as the UK's innovation champion, says DTG

The BBC - cannot stop innovating
The BBC - cannot stop innovating

The BBC should remain a "champion for innovation" in broadcasting as it comes through the government's consultation in to what role the publicly funded corporation should fulfill in the future.

The BBC is going through a Departure for Culture, Media and Sport consultation, but the DTG believes that it cannot be allowed to back away from its role at the cutting edge of broadcast and media technology.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG, said: "The BBC is a globally-respected organisation which has played a leading role in innovation and defining technology standards and best practice through open collaboration.

"The DTG believes that the BBC should continue to be able to do that, with the support of advice from the digital and wireless communication technology industry."


The DTG certainly has a point about the heritage of the BBC - perhaps one of the most pivotal innovators in the history of TV and radio - but the pressure from the government to cut costs may well threaten this.

The DTG, which bills itself as a collaboration centre for innovation, has submitted its point of view to the consultation, calling for the BBC to be the UK champion in digital and wireless communication technologies, set technology standards and retain a 'critical mass' of expertise.

There's obviously a degree of self-service in the DTG's stance, who also ask that the BBC be "supported by an external technical advisory board", but it's clear that people are worried about just how much the BBC will be forced to back away from experimentation and innovation.