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Google: Offline support making apps better online

Google: Offline support making apps better online
Google - offline thought improving apps

Introducing offline capability is improving Google applications' online functionality, according to Chrome Web Store senior product manager Rahul Roy-Chowdhury.

One of the key complaints about the Chrome OS has been that usage of the cloud-centric operating system is hamstrung when an internet connection is missing.

Therefore, apps that can be used even when offline are key additions for Chrome, and Roy-Chowdhury told TechRadar that the process of adding this kind of functionality is also having a positive affect on the applications overall.

Better overall

"Interestingly, although offline is very nice in and of itself – in that it allows use when not connected, having offline support is making apps better overall," said Chowdhury.

"By following the dev best practices for adding offline functionality the chances are that the apps are going to be better online as well."

The arrival of an offline Gmail app at the end of August is just the start for Google, with the US company keen to make the disconnected feel a little more like they can still function.