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Brits obsessed with the weather? You bet! BBC Weather app is its fastest-growing ever

Brits obsessed with the weather? You betcha! BBC Weather app fastest-growing ever
British people in weather checking shocker!

If Britons ever refrain from chatting about the weather, it would appear we're too busy checking it on our mobile devices to complain, according to the BBC.

The Corporation says its BBC Weather app is being downloaded 19,000 times a day by weather-obsessed Brits.

In total the app has been installed 8 million times since its launch in June last year, making it the BBC's fastest-growing mobile app yet.

According to the Beeb, the most popular time for checking the app is 7am, while at weekends it slips to 8am on Saturdays and 9pm on Sundays, as Brits afford themselves a little lie-in.

Via Telegraph