Samsung Galaxy S11 could have some serious camera upgrades

Samsung Galaxy S10e (Image credit: TechRadar)

The camera could be one of the most exciting aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S11, with past rumors pointing to both a 108MP sensor and a lens capable of 5x optical zoom – but it now sounds like that zoom lens might be even more impressive.

Twitter leaker @UniverseIce has tweeted that “the S11 doesn't just have a normal 5x optical zoom.” They didn’t say what that means, and from the wording it sounds like the lens still tops out at 5x optical zoom, but that there may be something special or unusual about it.

In a reply to this tweet they also stated that the Samsung Galaxy S11 would probably be a little thicker than the 7.8mm Galaxy S10. But back on the camera subject, we have some idea of what might make the zoom lens special.

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You see, according to The Elec (a South Korean tech news site), MecaTech Systems is supplying test sockets for a folded camera in the Galaxy S11.

A folded camera is a design that can make periscope-like lenses less prominent by inserting the camera enclosure sideways. So this is both more evidence that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a zoom lens, and could mean that it will sit fairly flush with the back of the handset, despite its impressive rumored level of zoom.

That could be what @UniverseIce is talking about in terms of it not being “normal”, though we’re hoping they mean something a bit more exciting.

There’s still lots that we don’t know about the Samsung Galaxy S11, but with the phone not likely launching until February that’s unsurprising. We’ll be sure to update you with all the credible leaks and rumors as they roll in.


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