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Photojojo unveils digital time-lapse camera

Photojojo time lapse camera
The time lapse digital camera - perfect for window ledges
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Photojojo has announced a new digital time lapse camera capable of shooting JPEGs and instantly converting them into AVI movies.

The camera is weather resistant, so you can leave it out on the windowsill to watch the world go by even during a downpour.

Once you've shot your sequence, the camera automatically converts the series of JPEG files into an AVI file ready for watching without the need for conversion or stitching software. The JPEGs are also saved in a seperate folder.

The camera comes with an inbuilt 2GB flash drive which can be replaced with a larger flash drive up to 8GB.

Six default time-lapse settings are available, including one minute, five minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, four hours and 24 hours along with the ability to create a custom setting from 5 seconds to 12 hours.

Activated by just one button, the camera has been designed to reduce the need for tricky intervalometers and other settings that might be needed for time lapse photography.


The inbuilt lens can be switched from standard view to macro mode.

The camera runs on 4 AA batteries that will last for 38 hours when shooting 1 frame every second up to 200 days shooting at 1 frame every 24 hours.

The camera is available from the Photojojo website priced at $149 (c. £91).

Photojojo is an American company which manufactures and sells unusual cameras, accessories and photography-related gifts.