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Android-powered Polaroid with changeable lens coming to CES

Android Polaroid
Fun camera times ahead

The Russians were right: Polaroid is planning to launch an Android camera with an interchangeable lens.

Days after an image of said camera popped up on a Russian social network, Polaroid's president and CEO told Imaging Resource that we don't have to wait long to take shots with the snapper.

"There will be an Android powered, interchangeable lens camera introduced by Polaroid at CES 2013," Scott Hardy wrote in an email.

"Additional information and specs will be released during the show."

I am camera

Despite Hardy's close-lipped answer, some rumors and reports give us a few juicy details to go on for the device.

It looks to be called the IM1836, and Sakar will likely build it for Polaroid. The mirrorless camera should come with an 18.1 million pixel sensor. Physically, it resembles Nikon's J1/J2.

The baked-in Android gives the camera access to downloadable apps, including email, Facebook and Twitter.

We should also see pop-up flash, built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI output, microSD memory and a 3.5-inch touchscreen, while the Russian photo looks to show a 10mm - 30mm optic.

Polaroid introduced an Android camera at this year's CES, the SC1630, so for it to follow up with a new and improved version at the upcoming show is par for the course. We just can't wait to play with it.