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White Google Nexus S confirmed for UK launch

The white Google Nexus S coming soon
The white Google Nexus S coming soon

Vodafone has confirmed to TechRadar that it will be stocking the white Nexus S when it launches in the next few months.

Vodafone is the first network to range the Google Nexus S after it launched with The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy at the tail end of last year and it appears its patience has been rewarded with an exclusive colour.

The launch of a premium smartphone in another colour is another snook cocked to Apple, with the Cupertino brand still failing to launch a white iPhone 4 nearly 9 months after it was announced.

We hope it'll be all-white

We're hoping that the white Nexus S isn't going to look the same way it did in early leaked pictures, where it simply had an off-white battery cover and the same black front.

However, it should come in at the same price range as its noir brother when it lands, likely around £30 per month on a two year deal.

Vodafone couldn't give us an exact UK release date for the white Nexus S, but given the slew of releases coming soon from Mobile World Congress 2011, we'd imagine it would be pushing to have this little white nugget out by the end of Q1 at the latest.