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Vodafone finally gives Google Nexus One UK release date

The Nexus One coming to the UK 30 April
The Nexus One coming to the UK 30 April

Vodafone has announced it will be stocking the Google Nexus One phone in stores from 30 April.

The news is surprising, given in the US Google is only offering the phone for sale via its dedicated website, completely bypassing T-Mobile's (the only network offering the phone) support network.

But Vodafone has taken a very different approach, starting with the fact you can pre-order the Nexus One from its own branded page at

Come one, come all

The Google Nexus One will also be available in stores to purchase as well as over the phone from Vodafone, with the network also naming itself as the contact for any issues users might have with the handset.

When the Nexus One launched in the US, there was some criticism from users that they didn't know who to talk to when they encountered 3G issues with the new phone, and Google only offered an email address as a contact.

It appears Vodafone is keen to avoid a repeat of this episode, making itself much more prominent in the release.