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The best Vodafone deals in January 2022

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We've all heard of Vodafone, it's one of the four main networks of the UK, bringing competition to the likes of O2 and EE. But are Vodafone deals any good? Read on to find out and see what kind of prices you can expect to pay.

Coming up as a close second behind EE, Vodafone offers some strong benefits to rope you in. Vodafone's VeryMe scheme rewards you with everything from free coffees, to exclusive competitions and cash prices.

On top of the tempting freebies, Vodafone's high-level coverage and fast speeds are there to entice you in. But in terms of costs, Vodafone deals can be somewhat temperamental - one minute they're the cheapest around, the next its just not that  affordable.

Like most other networks, you'll find that the best prices on mobile phone deals don't come directly from Vodafone, but instead can be found with 3rd party retailers. That's where you'll find the bargains on unlimited data and the cheap monthly pricing.

And for anyone looking to invest in a high-end device - iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S21, Google Pixel 6, etc - Vodafone deals are often the best place to look. You can compare a wide range of handsets on Vodafone below.

Vodafone deals comparison

Is Vodafone a good network?

Vodafone Galaxy S20 FE

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Coverage and speeds:

As one of the four main networks, Vodafone offers some tremendous coverage and speeds. In fact, Vodafone isn't all that far behind the leader of EE - the UK's fastest network.

It offers at least 99% 4G coverage in the UK and is rapidly expanding it's 5G growth as well. While that 99% sounds impressive, it is pretty similar to what you can get with the other main networks.

However, Vodafone's speeds put it in the higher-tier, again, sitting just behind EE in the line-up. You will find Vodafone is very capable for both 4G coverage and speeds and as for 5G, we'll see this improve over time.

Features and bonuses:

Vodafone has a number of benefits that help it to stand out but the most obvious is VeryMe. A rewards platform aimed at giving Vodafone users a host of free gifts, discounts and more.

This can range from a free coffee or snack from the likes of Costa or Greggs, through to competition entries, discounts on festivals and more. This is a great reward scheme only matched by O2's Priority scheme.

Looking past that, if you sign up for a Vodafone Red plan, you can get access to the likes of Now TV, MTV and Sky Atlantic for free with your phone.

Like other networks, Vodafone also offers roaming at no extra cost. This is only in specific destinations but on certain plans, Vodafone will upgrade you to Global Roaming Plus with an extension on the destinations.


Vodafone's pricing is nothing special, usually sitting bang in the middle. Not as cheap as Three but more affordable than EE, Vodafone and O2 will have you paying pretty similar fees.

However, this is not always going to be the case. You will frequently see Vodafone sneak in as the most affordable network on a handset. You could find the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra deals on Vodafone but it could also be the priciest network.

With prices fluctuating all the time, the best way to see how a network is pricing is with the price comparison chart at the top of this page.

What are the best handsets to get on Vodafone?

Where is the best place to buy Vodafone deals?

Realistically, if you go directly to Vodafone, you're unlikely to find the best prices. Often, the best Vodafone prices actually come from the large number of 3rd party retailers in the UK.

These range from the better known options like Carphone Warehouse, Affordable Mobiles and, through the lesser-known options like Chitter Chatter and Fonehouse.

All of these are reputable retailers with great TrustPilot scores and realistically...cheaper prices than going directly through the Vodafone website.

Switching to Vodafone

Can I keep my number when I switch to Vodafone?

If you switch over to a Vodafone deal but want to keep your old number, then simply give your old network a ring, get a PAC code and transition it over. 

If you were previously with Vodafone, you can still keep your number but it is a slightly trickier affair. They won't let you keep your number, so you have to use this workaround. Buy a free pay-as-you-go SIM from any other network and tell your network that you're moving. 

They'll release the PAC code, which you then give to the substitute network. Then, you immediately get another PAC code from them. Take that to your old network, and they'll move your number to your new contract. Long winded, but easier than learning a new number!

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