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Spotify shows off Android application

Android shown off on Spotify
Android shown off on Spotify

Spotify has showcased a working Android application – bringing the streaming music service to a potential audience of millions.

Launching at Google's I/O conference, a video has been release which shows just how Spotify will work on mobile devices.

For those familiar with the web-based Spotify client, the interface is straightforward - with playlists giving people access to the music they have assembled.

Offline play

A major factor in Spotify mobile is how it works when an internet connection is not present.

This is covered; people select which playlists they want to be made available offline and these will then sync with the device when a connection is found.

Adding songs to playlists on a client sees them quickly synchronised to the phone and you can also search for new songs and create playlists.

It's an exciting prospect although pricing, of what will probably be an application only available for people with premium subscriptions, has not yet been announced.