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Nokia X5 leaked early - but what's it for?

Is this the new Nokia X5?
Is this the new Nokia X5?

While Nokia's mid-range phones aren't usually something to get too excited about, we've been impressed with the interest the X6 has generated.

Don't get us wrong - it's a pretty terrible phone - but users are sufficiently excited about it to make us take a look at the forthcoming Nokia X5.

It looks likes the new X5 has a full touchscreen, and comes with a 5MP camera with flash.

Lower memory

According to PhonesOnline, this new device has only 170MB internal memory with a maximum of 8GB to be added through the microSD slot.

The video camera has VGA resolution but at a low-recording speed of only 15FPS - however, there is word it will have 3G connectivity, so at least that's something.

We've obviously got no word on a UK release date or and sort of UK pricing at the moment - but given the lower-end specs we'd imagine you wouldn't have to break the bank to pick this up.

From PhonesOnline