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Nokia: 'Windows Phone 8 can be the biggest OS in the world'

Nokia: 'Windows Phone 8 can be the biggest OS in the world'
The future number one?

Nokia is pretty confident about the potential of Windows Phone 8, with CEO Stephen Elop saying it could topple Android and iOS in the future.

Speaking to Bloomberg during MWC 2013 Elop said: "It [Windows Phone 8] can be the biggest operating system in the world."

Elop was quick to note that WP8 isn't ready for super stardom just yet though, saying: "We have a lot of work to do jointly with Microsoft to make that happen."

Eyes on the BlackBerry prize

The Nokia boss wasn't backwards at coming forwards about the market it's currently targeting with its new range of Lumia handsets, with struggling BlackBerry firmly on its radar.

"I get asked a lot about BlackBerry and what I will say is I'm very interested in BlackBerry customers.

"It's very clearly our intent to go after those [BlackBerry] customers and show them a very different, very modern and superior business experience."

The battle for third place in the mobile platform war is hotting up between Windows Phone and BlackBerry, and Nokia will doing all it can to boost the fortunes of Microsoft's offering in light on the recent BlackBerry 10 revival.