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Nokia promises 'beautiful phones', brands iPhone 'embarrassing'

Nokia phones to get stylish as iPhone branded 'embarrassing'
An iPhone? How embarrassing.

Nokia boss Stephen Elop revealed the firm has "beautiful phones still ahead" during a interview on Finnish TV during which he also flung the presenter's iPhone to the floor.

When the interviewer revealed to Elop he had an iPhone the CEO said, "Oh, how embarrassing. I can take care of that right here" before chucking the Apple handset to the ground.

Recent Nokia handsets have been more substance than style, with the oppressively heavy Lumia 920 and chunky Lumia 820 not quite hitting the same design notes as their Apple, Samsung and HTC rivals.

During a persistent wave of questioning regarding the existence of the rumoured Lumia 928, Elop managed to deflect attention away from future handsets and tried in vain to promote the budget Lumia 620.

You can witness the iPhone-throwing Elop in the video below.

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Via MyNokiaBlog