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Nokia N9 countdown literally begins

Nokia N9 - the clock ticks on
Nokia N9 - the clock ticks on

Nokia has launched a timer counting down to the Nokia N9 release date.

Cleverly interpreting Nokia's ticking clock, we can look forward to seeing the MeeGo-running handset hit the shelves on 23 September 2011.

You may have noticed that the web page is in Swedish; so it's not definite, but there's a good chance that this countdown relates to a Europe-wide release date.

Tick tock, tick tock

So, there's only 48 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes and 36 seconds to go (at time of writing) before the Nokia N9 wings its way into our pockets, bringing a 3.9-inch OLED screen, 1Ghz processor and 8MP camera with it.

The handset is the first (and possibly only) to come with the MeeGo OS, fruits of a collaboration between Nokia and Intel.

TechRadar went up close and personal with the Nokia N9 and declared the design to be "beautiful" with a good chance of the handset proving an underground hit – if Nokia can get its UK pricing right, that is.

Instead of watching Nokia's ticking clock slowly wind its way down to go-time, why not watch our informative yet entertaining Nokia N9 video preview instead. It features artificial grass, donchaknow.