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Nokia Lumia 625 gets UK release date, yours for £179

Nokia Lumia 625 gets UK release date, yours for £179
Nokia Lumia 625s in ALL the colours

We know you've been waiting impatiently for this news so we'll cut straight to the point: the 4.7-inch screen-toting, 4G-rocking, multi-shelled Nokia Lumia 625 has been given a UK release date.

Yes! And a price.

And here they are: the Lumia 625 will be available from O2, Vodafone, EE, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U from August 28.

If you're up for a contract, you'll get the handset for free on a £21/month deal, while the SIM-free PAYG option sees the Lumia 625 priced at £179.


It's true what they say about the early bird - it gets a free orange, yellow or green shell if it buys a black or white Lumia 625 for a limited time at launch. That is what they say about the early bird, right?

The headline act is, of course, that 4G connectivity - with EE already running its network and O2 and Vodafone set to launch their 4G networks on August 29, the Lumia 625 is arriving just in time.

We've had a go on the handset - have a read of our hands on Nokia Lumia 625 review, then see what the rest of the team made of the thing at launch in our TechRadar Reacts.