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Google Nexus S launching on Vodafone

The Google Nexus S coming to Vodafone
The Google Nexus S coming to Vodafone

Vodafone has announced that the Google Nexus S, the first handset to run Android 2.3, will be landing on its network.

The phone was launched in the UK at the end of 2010, but was only available through Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy.

However, it will now be stocked on one of the UK's largest networks, giving the second Google-phone a wider range of exposure to more customers.

We need details

We don't have a UK release date or price yet, but thankfully a Vodafone spokesperson confirmed to TechRadar that the Nexus S will be coming to the UK – we're always slightly worried when we get a global release that doesn't specifically mention the UK.

It's likely the new phone won't be the most expensive in the red network's range either, probably landing at £30 a month on a two year deal if Carphone Warehouse's price is any kind of guide.

As you will have seen in our Google Nexus S review, the handset is crammed full of next-gen tech (Super AMOLED curved 4-inch screen, NFC contactless technology) and the 'pure' Android experience, so hopefully Vodafone won't have to delay when it comes to pushing out updates for this handset.