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Bug-less Samsung Galaxy Nexus lands at UK retailer

Bug-less Samsung Galaxy Nexus lands at UK retailer
Pesky volume slider has been fixed

One UK retailer is reporting that it has received stock of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in which the volume bug is fixed.

Clove claims that the new handsets have received a software update to fix the erratic decibel dives that seemed to surface when the Galaxy Nexus ran on a 2G network.

Expansys those horizons

A second retailer, Expansys, has issued a statement saying that it expects its updated Galaxy Nexus stock to arrive on 30 November.

"The Galaxy Nexus is due in stock tomorrow (30th November)," the statement reads.

"The new stock has had a Google approved firmware update applied to it by Samsung's distributors in order to fix the bug with volume control that affected some original stock."

Sadly there's no word from Samsung yet on when existing Galaxy Nexus owners can expect the patch, but we'd expect it to follow the updated handsets fairly soon.

Those still um-ing and ah-ing over whether or not to invest in the Ice Cream Sandwich wielding Galaxy Nexus would do well to take a shufty at our video review below:

From Clove and Expansys via SlashGear