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British Airways app flies on to Windows Phone 7 Mango

BA uses Windows Phone 7 to boost app
BA uses Windows Phone 7 to boost app

British Airways has announced the latest version of its application, for Windows Phone 7, will offer more functionality than on other mobile platforms.

The new application offers real-time updates of flight times, as well as up-to-date gate information (if used at Heathrow's Terminal 5).

The new version of the application, which is already available on iOS and BlackBerry OS, will include terminal maps for the first time on the Windows Phone 7 platform, offering users an easier way to navigate through the world's airports.

Virtual boarding

Like its BB and iOS counterparts, users are also able to check in and download a boarding pass on the screen to be handed over at the flight desk during boarding.

The new application will likely make use of the new Windows Phone 7 Mango update, offering Live Tile flight time updates and possibly the chance to attach your boarding pass to the home screen as its own tile in the future.

BA also told TechRadar it was looking to new functionality in the future, such as push notifications of flight time changes or adding trips automatically into the phone's calendar.

The new BA application will be available on 1 June from the Windows Phone Marketplace (although you'll need to have a free BA Executive Club membership to use the application).