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Android struggling against Apple in the business sector

Android struggling against Apple in the business sector
The suits love the Apple

Apple's iOS devices are far more popular than their Android rivals when it comes to the business market, according a recent report.

A recent report from Good Technology looked at enterprise activations in the first quarter of the year, and found that Apple dominated the stats.

Oddly, the survey did not include RIM or Windows Phone devices and we suspect RIM will still be top in the enterprise market; however, the pack is closing in.

Apple takes 80% of activations

In the iOS to Android comparison the report found that almost 80% of new business activations at the start of 2012 were Apple devices, with the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 topping the charts.

Smartphones are still the number one choice accounting for around 75% of the iOS and Android activations, but the tablet market is growing in both the consumer and business sectors, and we reckon this gap will close over the coming months and years.

According to the report it's the financial services sector which is leading the way, accounting for 36% of all the activations in Q1. The technology is still relatively expensive, so there it's no surprise that this money spinning area is the one splashing the cash.

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