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60,000 Android devices shipping daily

HTC Legend
Coming soon to a store near you, the HTC Legend

Sixty thousand handsets per day are shipping with Android.

That's the astonishing figure revealed by Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who hailed the ecosystem around Android as well as the strength of the Open Handset Alliance during his 45-minute Congress keynote this evening.

"It's our time to be proud of what we have built together," added Schmidt. "It's our goal to make mobile the answer to pretty much everything." He then spoke about how Google was very much a "mobile first" company.

Senior Product Manager for Android, Erick Tseng, got up on stage to demo Flash on Android, showing us a New York Times image ("all the components are there" – a slight at Apple's iPad launch). The handset was running full-fat Flash 10.1.

Tseng also talked about how smartphones had been crucial to the fundraising efforts in Haiti and pulled up fresh satellite footage taken after the earthquake.

We also had a translation demo as well as a mashup of translation and the recently-launched Google Goggles, whereby an item in German on a menu was translated into English simply by taking a photo of it (on a Nexus One, of course).